Monday, February 18, 2019

Change ... It's a Good Thing!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

Everyone deals with change differently. For me, I need to think, ponder, and think some more before really and truly committing to change. My good friend, however, jumps right in with a whole other way of approaching change; she figures it's not permanent so if ya don't like it, you can usually change it back. So that was my weekend... moving things around at the shop. And I mean REALLY re-arranging!

What I learned was that in the upheaval, it is usually worse before it gets better. But in the end, I love the outcome! The shop is really transformed and it's so darned cute.  It's so great to have a dedicated area for the Foundations Decor products ... if you haven't jumped in on this, what are you waiting for! It's also nice to have made even more room for my favorite ... scrapbook papers and embellishments. And, yes, even stamps!  Concord & 9th has hit the shelves, Heffy Doodle is on the way, and Ink Road will soon follow!

So lesson learned ... there's always room for improvement, and don't be afraid of change. For me, I'm going to find the balance between a bit of pondering before I just "go for it" and then enjoy!

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