Saturday, April 29, 2017

Fab Friday Means Inky Painty Sticky Fun!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

Each month, a bunch of creative and fun-loving folks get together for a night of art journaling. We paint, glue, ink, stencil, stamp, color, and just carry on as we create together. Some projects, like the pictured below from a recent class, are inspired by Vicki Papaioannou, one of our favorites!

So if you've been wondering what to do with all those paints, inks and other goodies you haven't used yet ... maybe you'd like to try Art Journaling! Call the store at 631.482.9190 to register for this or any of the other classes you'd like to take part in.  The more the merrier!

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lights! Camera! Action!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

What a great weekend. It began with such a nice group of ladies at Saturday's No Frills crop.  Then today was really nice and busy around the store, plus an afternoon class with Renee. But the day began with Renee's video debut.

If you missed it, check it out below. It's a very short 2-minute video featuring several of the newer PhotoPlay lines. You can be sure there will be more videos coming soon!  Let us know what you think and if they may spark your creativity!

Click the image below to enjoy the video and your week ahead!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

And So It Begins...

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

The day is young, but the No Frills crop is underway and there's such a happy buzz in the air at the store. Everyone's sharing their ideas, latest projects, and just catching up. And Lucy, who has been quite busy in her day-to-day, had a chance to stop in for her "fix" so it was great to catch up with her too.  Stay tuned, and more pictures will likely be added as the day unfolds. Love days like this!

Hoping you have a chance to swing by the shop this weekend and get your creative mo-jo going, or if you can't come by, try to find time to work on something fun from your stash!

Still going:

The morning gets underway:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Darned Groundhog!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

OK, that groundhog has lots of explaining to do!  It's nearly the middle of March and we're going through another deep freeze ... and even another snowstorm is coming this way next week.  Looking at the glass as half full, one of our scrappy friends said that means there's a scrap room organization day coming (ha!).

Today was the first day of the March 2-day Latte crop, and it was great to have some regulars mixed in with newbies.  The adhesive, photos and papers were flying, along with plenty of stories.  Crops are always so much fun to just kick back and catch up, share stories, and even ideas for scrapbook pages. Others choose to use the time as some quiet "me" time where they can just organize pictures, browse Pinterest, take a break to shop ... and just hang with friends.

If you'd like to join us for a crop, there is a 2-day crop each month (includes breakfast and lunch), as well as a 1-day No Frills Crop (breakfast).  Call the store at 631-482-9190 to reserve your spot ... don't delay because the crops do fill up fast!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Were an Artist All Along!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

Just a quick shout out to all of Scrap-A-Latte friends who took part in Friday night's Fab Friday Art Journal class.  We get together on the first Friday of each month to see what we can do with ink, paint, stencils, markers, stamps, and whatever else grabs us. And we laugh SO much.

It's a lot of fun ... especially when we get a new victim (er, I mean, student) ... who comes into the store a little uncertain, declaring they have no creativity.  By the end of the class, it's always fun to see the newbie discover they actually ARE creative. They're usually the inkiest of all too, because they're just going for it with no preconceived notions.

And by the end of the class, they've found their inner artist!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

What a Blur of a Weekend

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

Wow, the weekend was a blur and I must say that it was great to get home, have a quick bite and kick the feet up for a little rest. Reflecting on the weekend, no wonder I'm tired!
  • It started with a No Frills Crop.  We thought it might be called a bit early due to, of all things, fog, but the heavy fog lifted and we were able to stay late into the night to laughing scrap.
  • Sunday included a Monthly Memories class, at the same time as a LulaRoe show with new consultant and fellow crafter, Regina.
  • Preparations were made for Tuesday's All Occasion Card class (Just a Note), this next weekend's Kids' Paper Weaving and Julie Nutting classes, and even the One Page Wonder class  coming up later in March.
Julie Nutting Tag Class Project for Mach 5
Snippet of One Page Wonder Class Project for March 19

In a word ... PHEW!  

If you are coming by the store this week, just a reminder that it's Canned Goods Moth. This means there's still time for you to donate three canned goods or more and earn a 10% discount on that day's purchase of Scrap-A-Latte products, excluding classes, crops and special workshops. A sincere thank you to those who dropped off canned goods already ... your generosity will surely make a difference to those less fortunate. All canned goods collected through March 4th will be dropped off to the Food Pantry at St. Paul's Reformed Church. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Store Was Buzzing!

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

The store was buzzing this last weekend with classes ... scissors were cutting, paper was flying, adhesive was sticking, and in the end, everyone left with a variety of really cool projects.

The first class was a cute little mini album. At first, those in the class were rolling their eyes thinking it was going to be an engineering project well beyond their capabilities ... but everyone had a great time working on it a step at a time and leaving with finished projects. We never doubted 'em for a second!

Then there was the new Julie Nutting Tag class. It was another one of those 'firsts' where we weren't quite sure how the class would unfold, but once again, the Scrap-A-Latters didn't disappoint. They all created some beautiful finished projects, and everyone's looking forward to the next class in this new monthly offering.

And as if that wasn't enough, Monday was DIY Wood "Home" Decor day with everyone painting their projects. What's become known as "Wood Day" is always so much fun with people painting, chatting, snacking and painting some more.

Check out the Scrap-A-Latte class calendars posted here on the site. There are so many classes that take into consideration varying styles, price points and more. There's something for everyone!  Come join us for what is always a fun time.