Saturday, December 8, 2018

My How Time Flies...

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

Oops, can't believe I haven't blogged since October ... time sure flies and here we are in December already!

What a great way to celebrate the start of each month, with the Fab Friday Art Journaling crew ... and oh what a crew it is!  It's funny how everyone loves getting lost in thought as they color their project pieces ... and then suddenly break into a sing-along with Neil Diamond, belting out Sweet Caroline!

It's also so much fun to watch how everyone starts with the same parts but puts their own unique touches to the projects ... that's what it's all about.  It's not about making it look just like the class sample, but learning a thing here or there and then making it your very own so that the project means something to you!

Thanks to the Fab Friday gang for making it such a fine way to start each month!

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