Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Stockings Are All Hung...

Hi Scrap-A-Latte Friends,

By now you've likely got all your decorating done, baking under control, and just some last minute gifts to pick up or wrap. So hope you have a chance to sleep in a bit on this rainy Saturday morning.  Hey, it could be snow so enjoy the sound of the raindrops on the window while you can!

Today's the last chance to stop by -- or to hint for your loved ones to stop by -- to pick up Scrap-A-Latte gift cards. The shop will be open until 6 pm today and then closed Sunday and Monday to enjoy some much needed family time.

I wanted to take this opportunity to just thank everyone who has been so supportive throughout the year. I know you have other shopping options out there. But I believe what sets small shops like Scrap-A-Latte apart from the others is the care, friendships and personal support that is offered. So thank you again for choosing to shop at Scrap-A-Latte.

Wishing you an yours a wonderful Christmas holiday. And for goodness sake, while you'r snapping pictures during the holidays, make sure you're in some of them too!

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