Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cropping Question for You

Looking forward to another fun two-day Scrap-A-Latte crop this weekend -- March 14 and 15.

Crops are always lots of fun ... time talking, sharing and snacking with friends, getting lost in pictures of past good times, and simply creating.  Some will work on scrapbook layouts, others on cards, and still others on mini albums or other crafty projects.  Some will play with supplies from their stash, and still others will experiment with some of the latest products.  Regardless of whether they finish any projects, it's nice to just share in the experience and find a little time to relax.

That got us to wondering how Latte friends plan for crops? 

     Do you focus on pre-purchased kits? 
          Do you make your own kits? 
               Do you pack everything and wing it? 
                    Do you spend days planning & packing?
                         Do you bring everything (ya never know!)

                              Or just how do you get ready for crops?

Please let us know by leaving a comment below to share.  You just might win a little something from a random drawing of those who comment on this blog.  And as always, we'll have the coffee ready!


  1. I love to pick the pictures that I want to crop and then get all the stuff that I think I will need. Or some times if I get new Stuff, I will bring all that and MAKE my pictures go lol

  2. I would bring everything for card making just in case. Need all the inks, card stock, dies and all types of adhesives. You never know! (Ray Ann)

  3. I try to make kits in advance and also bring bases to make cards from my scraps. If I have a current mini themed album I'm working on I try to bring all the supplies for that to work on.

  4. I try to plan ahead with themed pages, bring the paper, embellishments, etc. I also bring too much stuff. Usually I bring a card kit or 2 just in case I finish everything or need a mental diversion from what I'm working on.

  5. My goal is always to plan, but I rarely do. I like to use the stuff in the store since I don't have access to that at home.

  6. I bring everything I think I'll need from home but always need to make a purchase because there is always something I see that can be use. Love cropping with friends

  7. I always pre plan by making packets. I choose the paper and embellishments, do my journaling and print out ideas for each L/O and put it in a page sleeve. I had purchased a packet of page sleeves (refills) and as I print out my pictures, I make my packets. I have one of those 12x12 plastic cases that I put them in. When it's time to go to a crop, all I need to do is make sure I have my adhesive, inks etc.