Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Count Down to "A Latte" Fun!

The store's been buzzing with activity! From unpacking boxes of new products, to our first month's Christmas Card Club get-together(s), to creating some "Kit Start" kits and logging in your Latte Pages, to preparing for this weekend's big celebration!

This weekend is our official Grand Opening with a Love You a Latte two-day crop and special sales and goodies for our croppers and also our shoppers! It' sure to be a fun weekend!

For those who signed up for the Christmas Card Club, we adjusted our schedule given the crazy weather earlier in the week.  Last chance to come by to make your January cards is any time between 10-7, Wednesday, February 11. If you can't make it in, we'll put your kit aside to pick up this weekend.

Those participating in That's A Latte Pages should be planning to bring in your five pages by month end -- remember, it doesn't carry over into the next month. But if you miss getting your five pages per month in January, February or March, you have one chance in April to make-up the missed pages. Keep those pages coming. And remember, layout classes count too!

This Saturday is also Valentine' Day, so you'll want to check out some of the fun papers to capture your holiday memories. Any favorite Valentine's Day traditions you care to share -- jot 'em down in the Comments field below!

Since Renee will be busy this
weekend with the Grand Opening
fun, John shared early Valentine's
Day flowers & chocolates. Score!

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